No, our treatment programs are open to all people who want to recover from alcoholism and drug abuse.

When you contact us at (562) 987-5722 (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time), we will conduct a free, confidential assessment that will determine next steps.

Safe Refuge will conduct an assessment to determine if you qualify for government funding. We also accept Medi-Cal, private payments and credit cards.

A trained staff member will interview you by telephone or in person and conduct an assessment to determine what services meet your immediate treatment needs.

Yes. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to succeed. Each program is different and each time you attempt this, you are different too. Don’t give up!

It is difficult to track all clients who leave the program after successful completion, but the records we do have shows that approximately 75% remain clean at least for the first year.

It is very possible this can occur — please call our intake department at (888) 476-2743 for an assessment.

Yes, Safe Refuge has been serving people with co-occurring disorders for more than two decades. Because many people with drug or alcohol problems also suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, our counselors are trained to work with dual diagnosis clients.

Our counselors are drug and alcohol certified; we also employ Marriage and Family Associates who are registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences.

Yes, our programs are inclusive, allowing persons from all backgrounds to receive our services. In addition, we do have a program focused on issues specifically relevant to the LBGT community.

Yes, we have programs specifically designated for homeless and indigent veterans, offering substance abuse treatment, transitional housing and supportive services.

We can accommodate women and/or men with children in our programs. Safe Refuge offers, residential and outpatient treatment, housing, and family case management.

Safe Refuge began providing substance abuse treatment services for men, women and families in 1988. We have received recognition from clients who have successfully completed our programs as well as from the funding agencies that allow us to continue providing services to the underserved.

The cost of housing is based on a sliding fee scale, according to each person’s ability to pay. Some special housing programs may be funded, in part, by the County of Los Angeles. We can discuss your individual situation with you.

Yes, Safe Refuge realizes the importance of involving the entire family. Counseling for spouses and significant others and on-site 12-step support groups for family members.

We appreciate all support. Simply click on the Donations button on the home page and go to Donations, where you can make a donation now, or call us at (562) 987-5722 or 888-476-2743.


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